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How is the knx module connected to the knx bus?

Lordas Smile shared this idea 9 years ago
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Can you please describe how the knx module will be connected to the knx bus?

I found a documentation with following content:


• KNX: KNX connector

• RS-232: SUB-D connector (female, 9 pole), cable


Connect to the KNX network by using standard KNX bus (polarity is protected)

If i understand aright, the connection must be established by a knx bus cable (see attached pic). Can you confirm this?

Well this would not be my recommended way for connecting the zipabox to knx, because of i need a ethernet port and a knx cable at one location as near as possible. In my opinion it would be better or an alternative to connect also by using a knx ip router interface.

Thank you very much for your response!

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Ok. Sorry for asking again, but if you say "described in a manual for KNX module on our site" you meant the text passage as i wrote above, exact? It is from the KNX module documentation.

And then this is the connection by wire (KNX bus cable through the red and black cable inside), isn´t it?

Thank you again for your response!



in the actual version of Zipabox firmare is possibility to create KNXIP tunnel device, but there is no information when and how we can use that option.

Regards, Artur

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