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How to use a Fibaro FGK 101 Door/window sensor with Zipabox

Marcus Khoo shared this idea 9 years ago
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Using the Fibaro Window/Door sensor

After much experimentation, I thought I would write up how I got my Fibaro Window Door sensors registered and working with my Zipabox

How to reset the sensor

Always reset the device before attempting to register by following these steps

How to reset a Fibaro Window sensor

You will need:

a) A flat surface

b) A small screwdriver to prise out the battery after it gets inserted

1) Take out the battery

2) With one hand, press the sensor body down on a flat surface so that the external tamper switch gets depressed

3) Put the supplied magnet next to the sensor body in the correct place so that the reed switch is enabled

4) With the other hand, put the battery into the holder

5) With the battery in place, move the magnet far away from the body.

6) Keeping the sensor body down on the flat surface, pull out the battery. You may need the small screwdriver to prise out the battery

7) Keep the magnet far away from the sensor and re insert the battery. The sensor will flash twice to indicate a reset

How to register a Fibaro Window sensor

This registration process is quite awkward but I have found the following to work reliaby:

The sensor must have the top removed and you will need access to the magnet again for testing. These are the steps:

1) Put the Zipbox into learning mode

2) Place the sensor on a flat surface to ensure that the external tamper switch is pressed

3) With your small screwdrive, press the internal tamper switch at least three times in quick succession

4) Then lift up the sensor from the flat surface which will engage the tamper switch. Now that the sensor has the tamper switch engaged (not on the flat surface) use the small screwdriver to press the internal tamper switch at least another three times in quick succession

5) Now put the sensor down back on the flat surface which re-engages the tamper switch. Now press the internal tamper switch four times in quick succession.

6) The Zipabox should now find the sensor

After the registration process has taken place, then test the device as follows:

1) Login to and view the sensors widget. You should see the window sensor in the list which should indicate "Open"

2) Keep the sensor pushed down on the flat surface and put on the cover

3) Bring the magnet close to the sensor. If all is well then the door/window sensor will show "Closed"

4) Remove the magnet from the sensor. If all is well then the door/window sensor will show "Open"

You will need to now install the sensor onto the window or door.


When replacing the battery on a registered Fibaro Window/Door sensor make sure that the magnet is NOWHERE NEAR the sensor when the battery is inserted. If, like me, you have "hidden" the magnets within the door itself then you MUST OPEN the door to insert the battery. If you attempt to insert the battery with the door closed and the magnet in place then you will effectively reset the sensor and it will never again be seen by the Zipabox. Bearing this in mind, follow the steps below

1) Remove the top from the sensor

2) Remove the battery from the sensor

3) Install the sensor on the frame of the door/window

4) Install the magnet on the door/window

5) With the DOOR/WINDOW in the OPEN position, insert the battery in the sensor

6) Attach the cover to the sensor

7) Login to and test the function

Hope this helps someone


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Me ayudo mucho gracias

saludos desde peru


Good description for the reset procedure. Thanks!


Do not use this sensor with Zipabox until fixed in Zipabox firmware... I have followed the instructions above to the letter and still it inverts the state of the sensor as soon as you wake it up...and remains inverted.

IF excluded, reset and included again, it works as it should until a wake up event when it inverts again...

....and I don't think the sensor itself inverts its state since other controllers seem to handle it fine. This is clearly a Zipabox issue.

Please fix since the sensor is a good one... :)


@Erik M. Strange, I just tried this again and was successful on Firmwre 1.0.17

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