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Ikea Trådfri and Zipabox

Jan Ove Greger shared this problem 4 years ago
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I have purchased the IKEA Trådfri E27 1000lumen and also have the ZigBee module on my Zipabox.

I can include the E27, but it will register as "UNKNOWN_DEVICE_TYPE" and it doesn't show in the device browser.

has anyone successfully included this and can give me some hints as to what I'm doing wrong?


Jan Ove

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I have the same problem with IKEA of Sweden TRADFRI bulb E14 WS opal 600lm

It might be due to it having the possibilities to change between three different colors of white. All my other but simpler Trådfri works fine.

After adding it shows up as UNKNOWN_DEVICE_TYPE but I can choose it as a light and get it to show up in the browser. But when it comes to where it should say Level Control, On/Off etc it just says No name and can't choose Type.

Hopefully will the Zipato team add support for them soon. Have you opened a ticket for it?

Best regards




I would like to inform you that "IKEA TRADFRI bulb E27 opal 1000lm" is supported in Zipato platform.

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