Impossible to use zone crossing option in security widget

thomasfr shared this problem 8 years ago


I'd like to use to zone crossing possibility to avoid false detections.

This week I was not at home. Tuesday I woke up in the middle of the night, my phone was ringing.

I am using a software named PAW on an android phone at home to call me whenever the alarm is triggered.

I was worried about the fact that someone could be at my home right now.

I took a look on my zipato iOS app and saw the movement sensor of my living room was triggered.

I took a look on the cam and could not see nobody in my apartment (hopefully!!)

In fact it was a false detection of the sensor (1st time since I got my Zipabox in march) and as strange as it can be, the sensor was ON (MOTION) for something like almost 2 hours and then went back to normal (NO MOTION).

So...the good thing is that it was a false alert

The bad one is that I suppose that my neighbors were not really happy to enjoy my alarm during their sleep. And I was really worried when it happend too.

So now, I'd like to avoid that kind of errors (even if it is really rare) by using the zone crossing possibility of the security widget.

I activated this functionality in the main alarm options, and put 2 sensors (zone 2 and zone 3) in the same Group.But when I close the settings window and synchronize, it doesn't save the group I have put the sensors into (zone 2 and zone 3)Could you please explain me how to use this functionality?

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Actually I am not able to arm/disarm the alarm (it always days not ready for one of my sensor even if this one is not triggered). Any news about this?

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