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inclusion not possible anymore

John van der Voort shared this problem 8 years ago

Yesterday my devices suddenly stopped communicating with the box. I have tried a reboot, reset, a network-heal and a hard-reset. The healing process and the hard-reset don't do anything, this processes just hang... (see pictures)

I have only two devices, which i have removed now. But now it is impossible to include them again.

In the old interface, the counter doesn't start, it just hangs with 'start' (see picture). In the new UI i see strange unreadable texts (see picture) and this also hangs...

Could it be possible that the transceiver-part of the box is broken?

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it seems like your Z-wave radio module has stuck. Please try to unplug your box from power supply completely, as well as from backup module (if you have it). After a minute, plug the power again, and try to join some devices.

btw. after you did hard-reset, you got the old firmware version which doesn't support network healing and some other options which you are mentioning. In order to use all options, you need to make sure you are always using the latest firmware version.

If problem still persist after this action, contact


Thank you for your fast response!

After the hard reset (with button2+button reset on the box) indeed i had to upgrade to the new firmware. That went well.

But unfortunately the problem persist. I realy think that it is a hardware malfunction. I'm afraid there's nothing else to try left...

Tomorrow i wil contact the shop where i bought it.


Can the sever problem be a reason?

HAad yesterday the same problem.... no inclusion was possible. Radiator malfunctions for hours.

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