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iOS app update of devices status when on Wifi not updating?

Jacob Wiqvist shared this problem 6 years ago

Hi all!

I have a problem that my status of my devices dose not update?

I have complained a long time abut this to Zipato but no solution yet.

But today I discovered a very interesting thing. I saw the status updated almost immediately and thought Zipato hade solved my problem. And now in the evening when I tested it did not work, and then I thought what was the difference between now and in the morning? I thought it could be that I had my WiFi turned off? So I tested to turn off Wifi and see if the status update fast in the Zipato app when I turned on or off the lights and dimmed them. And it did!!!!!!

The I thought ther must be something wrong with my router or WiFi?

So I tested my Hue lights and how long time it took for the status to change on WiFi and on 4G with WiFy off.

The strange thing is that with Philips Hue it was totally the other way around. The status of the hue lights updated fast on WiFi and slow on 4G.

This tells me that it is nothing wrong with my network?

So why is my status of the devices not updated in the iOS app from Zipato when on Wifi?

If anyone have any idea if ther is something with ther app or my network or ports that should be open, or have similar results.

Best regards Jacob!

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Seem t be solved!

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