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IP Cam motion alarm and rule triggering

Cantece shared this question 6 years ago
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would it be possible to use the alarm from a motion detection in a IP Cam (Foscam FI9805w) to trigger a rule? I want to switch the light when the IP Cam triggers an motion alarm. I do not want to use a additional motion detection.

Does anyone has an example?

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seems that this is possible on other devices with the Foscam API .



It "should" be possible, but there is a little-big problem:

Foscam cam, as well as the ebode or toher foscam-clones, has the option to invoke an url when the alarm is triggered. So in theory if you create a virtual http sensor in the zipato dashboard, you can insert the http address from the virtual device into the foscam setting.

The problem is that the url provided by the virtual sensor is more then 128 character long where the setting of the cam allow a link of maximum 128 char.

I didn't find an easy solution for that yet :(



Unfortunately, there is anoter issue with h264 Foscam camera (FI98xx).

Unlike mjpeg camera (like FI89xx) the firmware of HD camera does not allows to send an http request when an alarm is triggered.

So there is no simple solution to launch a rule when a motion alarm is detected. Maybe in a next upgrade...