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Marmitek X-10 modules support

Arno Kole shared this idea 9 years ago
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In My previous house i had a x-10 system based on a lot of Marmitek modules (switches, dimmers blinds amd motion sensors. It would be nice to see them support by de zipato 433MHZ module that i now have.

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I've the same problem: many Marmitek X10 devices: MS17, MS90 and SD90E (smoke alarm)

and i've this same issue with my oregon scientific devices: THGR328N, UVR128, and thr128 aren't supported by the zipabox

i think it's a must have for your product, the retrocompatibility with this kind of devices is the mean to sell the zipabox to many customers actually using 433Mhz devices .

actually, the 433 Mhz module is very deceptive for me because all of my devices aren't supported by the zipabox :o( ...


I also have a lot of Marmitek devices. The French retailer who sold me the Zipabox announced on his website that Zipabox was compatible with X10. When I told him I couldn´t get any Marmitek device connected to the Zipabox he first told me it was coming soon, and then retracted. He offered to refund but I doesn´t seem fair. I have spent hours in configuration and stuff.

I have several geek friends who were tempted to buy the zipabox and I dissuaded them on the ground of this issue. They all have some X10 device they would like to handle with Zipabox or another house automation box.

Please make the Zipabox compatible with Marmitek devices and I will start recommending it again.


Hello. This is quite annoying. No answer to this question yet?


Hi, Is there any progress on the support of Marmitek devices?

I have a lot of them here doing nothing at the moment.


There will be a firmware upgrade available soon with support for a lot of new 433 MHz based devices, including some X10 devices, and even support for some wired X10 devices (through CM15 interface).


Hello everybody.

I have the same problem.

I had in the past an X10 system (Marmitek) with RF control thru a TM13 module.

I have bought the Zipabox and the complementary 433Mhz Module.

At the end, it is not possible to connect the Zipabox to the X10 receivers thru the TM13 module because the 433Mhz Zipato module is not compliant with the TM13.

I opened a ticket at assistance. They send this request to the development team and I hope this will be done quickly....

Actually, if you want to connect X10 with ZIPABOX, you need to buy :

- The ZIPABOX Serial/US module

- The Marmiteck CPL controler to connect on USB.

Too expensive when you still have a TM13 module that can do the link in RF with ZIPABOX and cable with the X10 receivers..

ZIPATO Team... we are waiting for your feedback !!

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