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Need input simple way of editing a scheduler.

dl shared this question 9 years ago
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Im a new user and have an idea but want some pointers if someone has the time.

I have two cars with engine heaters controlled by the zipabox. I would like to make an easy interface for setting the start time for these.

Example: My wife will go to work at 06.00 AM and to get the card warm and nice the heater needs to start at 04.00. Of course there is the option of editing a rule every night but that feels a bit painful.

Things I could think of was making a simple webpage that you can access from you mobile phone to set the time in a rule. Would that be possible?

Use a z-wave device to program the timer remotely but I have not seen any such device.

Any other ideas?

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I think you can use google calendar & google scripting.

Coogle calendar to set a "CarStart" event.

Google script that check for specific events ( ); As I remember there's a class calendarApp to interact with calendar.. with a method that witha given start time, end time and search options.. return all the events.

So.. if you create events "CarStart" in calendar.. you schedule the script to run every hour, the script check for events start in the next 2hr with "CarStart".

If found, the script call the activation url for a virtual sensor "CarHeater".

A specific rule inside zipabox, triggered by "CarHeater"=active, start the heater.

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