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Nexa WMR-252 and Nexa LWST-605 dimming function

Mats V shared this problem 8 years ago

Nexa WMR-252 dimmer module and Nexa (Chacon) LWST-605 double wall switch 433 Mhz.

I can dim WMR-252 via Control Center but not via wall switch when I have made binding on LWST-605 . It´s only 0 or 100.

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Best is to directly associate the wall switch with the dimmer module

This way you can still control the dimmer in Zipa and the wall switches will work.

I have this solution and it works perfectly. One click is on or off and if you hold it it will dim or light up


This way you can still turn on your lights in case Zipa is down ;)

Always good to have a backup plan


I´m doing it like that now but then I can´t see if it is on or off in Control Center.

I have made virtual devices and connected it via binding to see if it is on or off but can´t see dimming %. It results in that I have dubble devices, one "real" and one virtual.

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