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Official list of fully compatible devices

Erik S. shared this idea 4 years ago
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I know this request has been mentioned multiple times in this forum, but we need an official list of supported devices. This is especially important for Z-Wave devices because we cannot see any list in the UI when adding new devices.

We need a list of fully supported devices with detalied explanation of which of the devices' capabilites devices are supported, and which are not.

From what I remember, Sebastian has previously stated that we do not need a list for this "as all Z-Wave Plus Devices" are supported. I think this is not correct in the way Zipabox works at the moment. By meaning supported, it's not enough that that the device is able to send data to Zipabox. The device must be cofigured correctly automaticly, or the end user should be able to configure it properly. From my understanding, this is not possible today.

Such as list will be very important for both existing users, and new users looking for a new system. You can get inspiration for such a device list from SmartThings:

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Some of these posts links to a list of supported devices, but it seems like this does not exist anymore.



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I am new to these forums, but have done a fair bit of research

try the following

Edit:- should have said that have just scrapped my smartthings and have just got delivery of a new zipabox :)


Hi Scott,

Thank you for the reply. Several webshops have compatability lists for the items they are selling. Vesternet is one of them, is another one. These lists only includes the items each of these shops are selling, and is not complete.

Zipato, who actually implements the support, have the best overview of all supported and non-supported devices, and should have one official list, just like how SmartThings solves this.


HomeSeer also makes a list of all compatible products: