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Offline Zipabox, leds flashing and cycling

Tiago Santos shared this problem 10 years ago

Dear Sirs,

I have recently acquired one of your ZIPABOX units. I had it working for 2 weeks with just one Fibaro Plug and one Door/Window Sensor, without problems.

But after I disconnected it days ago in order to relocate it, I have not been able to get it online again, as the green light kept flashing.

I have tried another network cable, no success.

I read one of your troubleshooting articles which you instructed to re-power it and press button2 and the reset button, and now after that the zipabox just keeps cycling: blue light steady - flashing white - yellow(green?) light steady (and repeats all over).

Please let me know what is the problem and how I should proceed.

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It seems your Zipabox doesn't have internet connection on this location. Green light flashing means that JAVA app is up and running, just there is no connection to the cloud. Once you did "button2" restart, you run downgrade process to the latest stabile version, but now, because Zipabox doesn't have an internet connection, firmware upgrade process can't execute.

To be sure about the Internet connection, try connecting a Laptop/PC instead of the Zipabox (on the same cable) and try browsing the Internet.

As for the Firewall issues, you need to have opened HTTP port 80 and UTP 21. Those are the most common ports, but some people do have problems.


Nothing on my infra changed a suddenly green blinking led …

I tryed to restart several times …. Power Cable out .

Nothing !!

How to proceed ???

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