On-Off duration on Everspring hsp02 motion sensor

Olivier Flebus shared this problem 9 years ago

The HSP02 manual says range for this parameter is 5-3600 sec.

The Zipabox service doesn't take values > 120 sec.

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OK it may be deliberate... as explained here http://community.zipato.com/responses/everspring-hsp02-no-motion

Will try the stairway rule example (with the "join"), as it's exactly what i'm trying to do.


for those who like me, can not change the settings of HSP02 :

  1. Change the configuration parameter to a new value in the Zipabox for the HSP02
  2. Click save
  3. click synchronize
  4. Wait two minutes and wake up device (HSP02 ) with tamper switch,or just wait and it should be configured after it wakes up by itself.

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