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I have been trying to get some hue bulbs working with Zipato, so far without success. Firstly I tried using the hue bulb with my Zigbee module, it paired but no endpoints. I think that's the expected behaviour, but it would be nice to have that confirmed officially?

I've then bought a Hue Hub, and set it up. I can use the bulbs using the hue app. I can't however seem to connect the hub to Zipato. Has anyone managed this successfully? It searches for a very small time, then fails quickly with the message in the screenshot.

I've raised a ticket, but I'd like to know if I am the only one having problems with this. It seems everything I do with Zipato has a problem lately.


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Zipato claim that they have support for hue bridge, but in my opinion its false advertisement.

I managed to include my hue, but i can only change brightness in Zipato. I cant turn on/off any bulb.

I have a ticket that they havent been able to solve for over 2 months. 16 days since last reply from them.


Thanks Mattias,

That's quite disappointing. I was hoping to see a flurry of "it works great for me", but it doesn't look likely.

I've still got a ticket open with support, but I'm not holding my breath.



When adding Hue bridge, I always add it with no endpoints. Deleting, refreshing etc doesn’t help at all... all bulbs are on. Latest software versions.. Anyone can help please?

Thank you in advance



I have had a response to my ticket. It says "It works in our office".

Ticket closed.

Somehow that's a "resolved" ticket.


I have similiar issue, they only ask me if it works now with no info whats been changed. And when i say no and again try to describe my issue it takes weeks before next answer.

They did say that i need to understand that Hue update their systems so it can be periods where we need to wait for Zipato to upgrade the integration. But its been over 2 months now, still does not work for me.

Zipato repeatedly keeps showing how they dont care about their customers.. Im getting really frustrated..


The hue API is well documented. I don't believe this is due to hue changing. I've also since discovered that my zipamicro happily includes the hue hub, but the zipabox doesn't. Unfortunately that's no good for me.

There's no feedback in the process as to what has failed, no log and nowhere to specify the hub's IP.

I think the answer for me will be to make a few manual http requests for the short term, then longer term I will be replacing Zipato with something that actually works.