Philip Hue Bridge.

Edward Marden shared this question 6 days ago
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I have been trying to get some hue bulbs working with Zipato, so far without success. Firstly I tried using the hue bulb with my Zigbee module, it paired but no endpoints. I think that's the expected behaviour, but it would be nice to have that confirmed officially?

I've then bought a Hue Hub, and set it up. I can use the bulbs using the hue app. I can't however seem to connect the hub to Zipato. Has anyone managed this successfully? It searches for a very small time, then fails quickly with the message in the screenshot.

I've raised a ticket, but I'd like to know if I am the only one having problems with this. It seems everything I do with Zipato has a problem lately.


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Zipato claim that they have support for hue bridge, but in my opinion its false advertisement.

I managed to include my hue, but i can only change brightness in Zipato. I cant turn on/off any bulb.

I have a ticket that they havent been able to solve for over 2 months. 16 days since last reply from them.


Thanks Mattias,

That's quite disappointing. I was hoping to see a flurry of "it works great for me", but it doesn't look likely.

I've still got a ticket open with support, but I'm not holding my breath.



When adding Hue bridge, I always add it with no endpoints. Deleting, refreshing etc doesn’t help at all... all bulbs are on. Latest software versions.. Anyone can help please?

Thank you in advance