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Philips Hue and Scenes NOT WORKING :(

Lars shared this problem 2 years ago

I can't control my Philips Hue lights in a scene am I the only one with this problem?

it seems like the on off function it's not integrated in the scenes...

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I have similar issue with RGBW fibaro controller. Soulds like it is a known bug for a (very) looooooong time.

Apparenlty, development team has other priorities. I opened a ticket and here is the answer I get.


you can try and work on the scenes from the rule creator a bit more and try assign a virtual switch which will be triggered using a scene. That way you can quickly test all the options you have in the rule creator opposed to the scenes menu.

Unfortunately at this time as we will be moving in the future to a new User Interface we are not going to be able to assign additional resources for troubleshooting rule creator / scenes because we will be revamping these settings in the future and how they operate.

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