Philips Hue does not support different bulb types

Atle Ravndal shared this problem 6 years ago

Looks like the implementation of RGBW bulbs in Zipato does not support different Philips Hue bulb models. The Hue API for bulbs does not accept all state commands for all types of bulbs. For instance sending a "hue" state to a white ambient bulb fails with an error "parameter, hue, not available", as these bulbs expects state "ct".

Looks like the RGBW bulbs in Zipato always issues a "hue" command, as scenes and color changes fails on white ambient bulbs. But the hue state works on white ambient color bulbs and light strips supporting 16 million colors. Please update the Zipato rgbw bulbs to detect modeltype and send only supported state commands.

In addition should it be possible to send commands in Scenes to turn on or off bulbs, as brigthness set to zero does not turn the bulbs completely off.

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we know about some issues with upgrades of Philips Hue,

could you please write us which bulbs are not supported? And if you use the latest firmware on them?

For the 0% = off feature, we will issue a fix.

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Hi, the bridge, bulbs and lamps have latest firmware.

The bulbs and lamps I use are Hue White Ambience, White Ambience Amaze and White Ambience Still. I have used all through the developer API and they work as expected when I send the right commands.


{ "hue": 50000, "on": true, "bri": 200 } ==> error, "parameter, hue, not available"

{ "ct": 300, "on": true, "bri": 200 } ==> ok

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