Problem compatibility fibaro fgk-101with zipabox 2

GENTILE shared this problem 17 months ago

Hi every body,

I have a zipabox 2 in v1.3.72 and i try to include several fibaro fgk-101 door captors.

the inclution is correct but after the installation the captor is see like binary sensor and there no state change (opene and close)

I have try to change the type of the module but result is the same.

some on have had already this problem with a bad installation of this modul and find a solution ?

i add that I have used this type of modul before with my zipabox 1 without problem.

thanks for yours answers.

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I would liek to inform you that FGK-101 is supported in Ziapto platform, so please upgrade your firmware to the latest beta version and try to include it again. If there is any further issue, please submit a ticket and our support team will check it and help you to fix it.


Hi Dino,

thank for you answer,

I have upgrade my box with the 1.3.98 version, unfortunatly it's worst. now it's impossible to remove a node, make a inclusion or exclusion...

I will to reinstall the official version and I will to open a ticket.