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Problem with connecting the device Light Switch 3CH

Marek Kaczmarczyk shared this idea 3 years ago


I have a problem with connecting the device Light Switch 3CH Z WALL 868.4 MHZ EU (NEO Coolcam), model: NAS-SC03ZE,searchweb201602_8,searchweb201603_53

Other devices from this manufacturer (1 CH and 2 CH) connect correctly. The problem is with a 3 channel device. Steps 1 and 2 on the controller are performed correctly, the device is detected, the problem starts at step 3 [Joining device ...] - the system counts down from 60 seconds to 0, the device is not added and the message "Please tap to try again". Closely checked from the controller. Please help

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it seems as device's descriptor problem - please submit this issue in our ticketing system and our Support team will check it and add its descriptor if necessary.

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