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Problem with emy Heden Camera

domoteek shared this idea 9 years ago
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I can't add my Heden Cam.

It was working few weeks ago but with the new UI iti is not working. I try to delete it but I can't add it again.

Can you help me ?

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I'm in the same situation.

Need help


It seems, that it is impossible add new unsupported camera from new UI, based only ip-address. Don't know, how is with supported cameras now... From old UI, it is still possible.

New UI says, can not save ip-address, or something like that. In camera settings, camera url-field is empty, and you can not put anything to it.

Also, for some reason, browser VLC-plugin cannot play rtsp-stream, while VLC player itself plays it correctly from same location.



JKI thank you for this information

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