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Problem with Qubino RGBW and Scenes

Hector R shared this problem 5 years ago

I'd been trying to solve a problem with my RGBW qubinos and I finally found the solution. I have color LED strips that are part of a scene that is supposed to turn all light OFFs. Every time I ran the scene, the LEDs would go off for a split of a second and then they would come back on. Digging further at the details of the scene in the API, I found that when the scene is created, it incorrectly sets some of the values to a non-zero value, thus the LEDs are unable to completely turn off. Thru the API, I copied the response body of the scene configuration and changed the values to 0. After this change, the scene successfully turned OFF the LEDs. Hope this helps.

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Is it possible via the zipato app to control the individual color channels on the Quibino RGBW directly. At Fibaro it is possible ...


Via the app you can set a variety of color combinations. You also have the option, if you use an RGBW led strip, to set the color temperature, which is nice. It works. I just wish it was a little faster. It does have a slight delay.

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