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Problems with webcamera D-link 930L

Paul Lundgren shared this question 8 years ago
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I have a D-link 930L connected to my Zipato network and I have the following problems:

- Snapshots doesn't work. FTP setup in the camera is OK and the "Test" button in the D-Link FTP setup page generates a jpeg on the ftp area. However if I trigger a snapshot from the widget or from a rule, nothing happens.

- Video streams cannot be opened. Not from the widget nor from the iPhone app.

I opened a ticket regarding this some months ago. You checked the setup and came back with the answer that it looks fine. But it still doesn't work.

I am about to buy several new cameras so this is starting to be big problem.

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Could you please pick up this ticket! I am still lacking a response.


What URLs did you set up for the Web cam parameters?


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