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Qubino Flush Dimmer 0-10V

Jacob Wiqvist shared this question 6 years ago
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Does Zipabox suport Qubino Flush Dimmer 0-10V?

Acording to the swedish seller it does not work with Zipabox?

Product: Flush dimmer 0-10V

Controller: Zipabox

Software: 0.9.999.8a

Comment: "appears as a switch can therefore not be dimmed. Temperature sensor works. 0-10V input does not work."

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Zipato should make device descriptors.


What is that "device descriptors"?

Tied to google it but did not found anything smart.


dubble post


This is some XML file with device parameters. As Zipato does a specific tempate custom made for Zipato system for all devices, it is not possible to use website like pepper1.

This is why you have to raise a ticket with zipato if you want a device to be supported.

On the other hand this saves you time as it is down to Zipato to do this and not you...


Descriptors should be already there. Even Qubino confirmed this is OK. Who's "comment" is that??


It must be a user repor. If I buy this tevice I will send a new user report and hope that they change the compatibility. But does al the functions that he point out, work. Does it aper as a dimmer?

And also if someone knows a good way of power supply in the wall to the dimmer would be good?

All the professional dimmers I have worked with converts 230V to 1-10 volt out to the LED-driver.

And also how does it work with the 1-10 volt output? According to another page ( it sends 0,24 volts when in the loest setting.

The plan is to use this dimmer with a potentiometer and in kombination a toggle on of switch. So it is easy to turn on and off and also dim on 2 separate buttons.

I try to find the best led drivers and lights for this purpose. I found my dream light that dim to warm and also dim very low:

Unfortunately they can't be installed with insulation directly over them like this:

"UNILED ISOSAFE"..... the name say it all. But it is not possible to angle it unfortunately. Maybe more beautiful?

I also found this 12 driver for the dimmer:

All tip on the best sulotion to instal between 5-20 8watt led lights is welcome. Get it safe and simple.

But is this the best solution?

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