Rule Creator - "offline" device alert on email / sms

Geir Peder Bøe shared this idea 39 days ago
In Progress

I know many members on the forum have asked for a method of being alerted if a device has gone into "offline" modus. I have been struggling with some power outages in one areas of my cottage, the kitchen. The electricians dont find the reason (I think its lightning).

It would be quite good to be able to make a rule that alerts me when a device in that area goes offline to avoid all my food in the freezer going bad.

My solution to this is to make a rule in the rule creator where: "When Fibaro Wall plugg.... - goes.... - OFF .... - send message". This works alright, just now, but the OFF should have been switched with "offline", but is nowhere to be found.

Is there possible to get the "offline" trigger in Zipato?



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at the moment it is not possible to create rule for alerting about offline devices but in the future we plan to add this feature. It is not defined when it wil lbe implemented but we will consider it at higher priority.