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Rule for temperature change

Martin shared this question 6 years ago
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is there a way to trigger a rule when temperature changes?

I have a POPP thermostatic valve, which has a temperature sensor and I want to start a rule with WHEN temperature changes...

Temperature/POPP valve is listed under meters, not sensors

how can I achieve that?


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Something like this should work:

You could also create a virtual thermostat


yes, I have a similar solution. but the trigger is probably time, not temperature change. it's called regularly by rules engine, even when nothing has changed


Hi Martin,I'm not sure if it's just a time trigger. I've always assumed that the rule is executed once a new value is received by the controller from the sensor. The sensors I use can be set to only sent new values after a certain temperature change (hysteresis), I'm not familiar with your POPP device.

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