Rule for zero or excessive energy consumption using energy plug meter?

Paul Skoglund shared this question 6 days ago
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Please help dear Cyber Rule Creators,

Objective is to get an email or sms if a pump has zero power/energy consumption for a certain time (lets say 30 min) - i.e pump is dead or if energy consumption exceeds a certain value indicating continuous pumping that kills the pump in the long run. I have an Aeon energy plug meter that monitors current power consumption (W) and cumulative consumption (kWh) for a ground water pump (that works intermittent thanks to a water limit switch).

Can some experienced rule creator hint how to create a rule that compares energy regularly, for example every hour and 30 minutes later and send an email if difference is zero or exceeds 0.25kWh (continuous 500W for 0.5h)?

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Hello Paul,

I would split the task in two, always easier to debug smaller pieces of code. First rule looks easier to achieve, when pump doesn't run for 30 minutes, see first rule attached. I used my energy meter PH1 for demonstration.

Second task will take a bit more of work, will post separately.


Second task could be acomplished with something like this, try it and let me know how it goes.