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Rule help. Will it work?

Kristian Olofsson shared this question 9 years ago
Need Answer

1. The light should be turned on Sundown - 1h until 22:30 (Sundown in rule creator not available yet so cloud as example.

CFFG9RoiFKB2yNF6FNk92. Http Request if sensor 1 and 2 are both active and time > 10 AMFDTetO5ltE2TOdh9POCT3. If motion is detected and time is 00.00 - 06.30 turn light to 20% and do not trigger rule again within 300s even if motion is detected again.


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1. Don't think that this will work. Guess you can't just say 17:45 - 1 since you did not specify if -1 is seconds or hours. For now you could try to use where you can get today's SUNSET & SUNRISE if you would choose today weather report and change the params to SUNSET or SUNRISE. I did not test the value you will get since there are issues with virtual devices at the moment.

2. Looks Good What kind of sensor is that looking at the icon i have never seen it?????Only not sure that when 1 is active and the other also becomes active if it correctly triggers, but that's easy to test3. Should be OK, just create it and it should be easy to test an example



1. New logic, checking every 5 min with schedular. I have already an IFTTT in place but id like the trigger to be 1h prior to sundown.


2. Its a perimeter sensor. (Actually a HTTP sensor but i just liked to look of it)

Yes, its trigger upon change in state so when both are getting active the HTTP request is done. I have it today, but without the time. The http request is actually a request to my SONOS speaker to tell my girlfriend when i arrive home. The http sensors are triggered with geolocation of my iphone. I like to add the time since i do not want to speak out and wake up my girlfriend if its to early. :)

3. I have tested it but it seems that the rule is triggered again. The rule is used when i walk in the night from my bedroom, passing the livingroom with a motion sensor in the middle of the night id like to pre-set the dimmer in the bathroom. But when leaving back to bedroom i do not want to trigger it again leaving the light on the whole night.

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