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Send beep to the Zipabox speaker

Jeremie shared this idea 10 years ago
Under Consideration


I think the Zipabox has a speaker, it would be nice to be able to send some beep to speaker with a new action on rules creator. We could define frequency (hz), duration and number of beep (like beep linux command).

Case example: beep when arm a partition.

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This would be an excellent addition!


I need it also !


The Zipabox "beep" - if it exists - should be in the Zipato device directory as a "alarm pip" which counts down a value and gets faster as it nears the end. This would be near perfect:

Zipabox speaker settings

Volume : 1-10

Beeps per second: 1-5

Beep length : Short/Long

Alarm mode: On/Off (when on AND when allocated as SQUARK on an alarm partition, then the beeps will take the exit time for the alarm partition and beep two beeps per second until till the last 10 seconds of the exit/entry time where it will beep at four beeps per second until the very last beep when it will just utter a long beep)

This would make the Zipato alarm system really usable.

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