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Serial module and big distance question

John van der Voort shared this question 8 years ago
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I am i new user (living in the Netherlands, so sorry for my poor English...) and i have ordered the zipabox with 433 module today.

I've read a lot about it and i'm realy looking forward to get started with it. But i have a question about one extension module.

I saw there is a backup-module with rs232 for connecting to security systems, but i also found another (cheaper) serial module, the ZPZBMSERIALV1. But i do not fully understand what this module does...

Is it possible with this module to connect 2 zipaboxes to communicate together? Or to Arduino? I can't find any information about the protocol...

I am asking this because i have two stables at about 150 meter away from my home, and in the future, i want to control the lights and temperature in the stables, but the distance is too big for wireless. Does anyone maybe have an other solution for this?

Thanks for your help!

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You can connect multiple zipabox's and connect them virtual.

i think you need to pay extra to use this option.

whit this solution you only need internet at the stables and you can make one big system. nice project :) (i like to see this working when you are ready...)


The cluster option is not working yet. So you can you 2 boxes but they can't act as one box.


is it not working tell now ????

kindly advice

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