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Shift controller

Andries Wieringa shared this question 7 years ago
Need Answer

I'm using my Zipatile as a secondary controller besides Domoticz. Almost all devices won't get recognised, so I wanted to try to make the Zipatile a primary controller.

But if I don't like it, I would like to switch to Domoticz as primary. Where can I find a 'shift controller' option?

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Well. In theory it should be possible. In the Device settings next to Zwave is a wrench icon. When you click you get 5 options. Then start learn mode. You get the window that in the printscreen.

In reality I was not able to do this (I did not have the option to test). I know Alberto was planning to try but not sure if he succeed. Here is a post about it but as you can see, it does not have a definite answer.

So currently noone knows what the true story is.


I tried without luck. I put one of my zipatiles on learning mode (Which took a while to set) and then the other one into inclusion mode (add zwave device) it didn't work. Tried three times and gave up for lack of time. In theory that is how it should work if you want to add a secondary controller to the same network. I wonder if for replacing a controller both need to be in learn mode.


I give a new life to this very old topic.

I started in building my home server, with also Home Assistat.

I run it integrating all the zipabox zwave devices with MQTT, and it works.

I want to do a new step: I bought Aeotec zstick, added it as a secondary controller, with all the device transferred on the stick.

Now, the reason of that post.

I want to try a controller shift, after a full rules rebuilding on HA, turning zipabox from primary sic/suc to a secondary and turning the stick primary - of course.

Anyone tried this route?

I hope something was implemented in the last 4yrs on that side..


Any news yet ? I am in the same situation.

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