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"show" and "hide" checkbox

domoteek shared this question 9 years ago
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On the new UI there is 2 check box on device parameters : show and hide.

We can check both of them, so what should be the normal behavior when we check both "show" checkbox and "hide" checkbox ?

Why there is two checkbox ? It would be more easy to have only one checkbox, for example "hide", so when we check this box the device is hidden and if we uncheck this checkbox the device is shown ?

Can you explain us ?

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I saw it too and I was happy to see this extra show option.I dont agree that you should combine these.

I did not figure it out completely, but is seems logical to me to have two of them. One to hide it everywhere. In all functions,also in the rulecreator, in the app etc. because you don't use that functionality. For example reading the power of a plug or reading the lux of a multi sensor.

The show option is usefull to decide to show it in the app and in the sub sections of the dashboard (sensors, meters, lights and power etc). But then it is not hide in the rulecreator, in the alarmsection, in the climatesettings etc. So you can stil use it in rules, climate and alarm as a sensor or actuator. Very usefull for example for virtual switches, sirenes, heaters and other things you don't want your wife and kids to control by app.

In this way you keep de app simple and fool prove.

So please keep them both. maybe an other label would make it more clear for users.

Cal the first one: 'In use' and the second one 'show in app'

When the option 'In use" is unchecked you have to grey the 'show in app" option


Anjos, I understand your point of view, but in that case what should be the behavior when I both check "hide" and "show" at the same time ?


Hide is "stronger" than show.


Indeed. When hide is checked, the show option should not be available anymore (greyed)

By the way, i don't know if this is the present behaviour of the two functions. It is what i want it to be.

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