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Zipato Azerbaijan shared this idea 2 months ago
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As we already opened variety of tickets related to SIP problems, we tried new regular way to fix Akuvox doorbell and Zipatile 2 connectivity. But the only way to download Smart Plus on Zipatile 2 is apk pure for us. Cause whenever we asked to Akuvox team where can we download that app, they told us smart plus gets access from google services. They send a link to download google services apk downloader but Zipatile 2 couldn't open that. So, as a result whenever we push the button on the Akuvox doorbell we get calling on our phone but not on the Zipatile, i mean we only get calling whenever we open smart plus app. Smart plus app doesn't work on the background well because it doesn't have permanent access to the google services. Can you please add smart plus app to the App Report on he Zipatile 2.

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I'm having the exact same problem as you do, did you figure out how to make it work??


We just configured SIP server but as you know, it is impossible to register 2 account with SIP and Cloud server at the same time. That is why SIP server makes akuvox functionality limited by getting calling only on the Zipatile. So, if someone is out of their house they cannot get calling on their smartphone. This limitation does not let us to sell Zipatile2. People are willing to put all together with cheaper price. In this case Akuvox monitor with cloud server and Zipabox is the best choice as a server