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Starting problems

Ragnar shared this question 9 years ago
Need Answer

I bought my box today and find some problems and isuues when i click around to get to know how it works. I have the following problems:

1. When I update my box with timezone and name the box, click the save button i get a pop up that says "failed to update box settings".

2. What ever i try to do with the security it says "no box user". But i can disarm and arm in the app on my phone.

3. I have 30 som messages that are unread. I cant get them to be read. Whatever I do the general tab says 30 messages and 30 unread.

4. If i click the firmware button i get a blank pop up box. Does this mean it is up to date??

I am very pleased if some one will help me with these things! Now I will try to add my first device and see how that works. =)

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Just try to refresh your browser page (crrl + f5), it should work fine afterwards.


3. Click acknowledge below messages title at the top.


Same problem, I have aknowledged several times, all messages are read and nxt sign-on unread again...

Not a severe problem but boring and giving mixed feelings about software quality.


This issue has already been reported to the development team, since this issue is not a priority it may take some time until it becomes resolved.

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