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oxbo shared this question 10 years ago


I recently bought the 433Mhz RF extension and I have 4 wall plugs (433Mhz) that I would like to use with my Zipabox.

Here are some links to products examples :




They don't have any learning mode, they work with manual codes set on each plug.

Is it possible to use them as a generic 433Mhz device ?

Thank you by advance.



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While I have a pretty good idea what's inside on of these, we haven't had those particular devices under test.

We'll be adding support for that class of RF receivers by the end of the year, BUT since there are small variations between different manufacturers, that still doesn't mean your devices will be supported.

Open a new idea on the forum, and if there's enough votes/interest for those devices, we'll consider supporting them.


Ok, thanks for your response.

Apparently they're supported by RFXCom with manual codes manipulation.

Anyway, I'll open a new idea about that.

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