Synchronizing rules just hangs..

Rein shared this problem 6 years ago

since the last upgrade (0.9.97) can't I Synchronize rules.

I just get the "Synchronizing rules. Please wait..." and nothing more happens :-(

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the problem had nothing to do with the upgrade.

The problem occurred when had a rule trying to set "gotovalue" on a group of lamps.

Is there any documentation to find for the rule creator and all the puzzles and endpoints etc..

eg. what's the difference between setvalue and gotovalue ??


I did exactly as explained in the thread to find out that I had an invalid rule.

But my second raised question about docementation is still unanswered.How are we (the users) supposed to konw how to use the rule creator.

In anouter thread I just got the answer "use the rule creator" - but how?

Is there any "rule creator API" on the road map? some tutorials !? A wiki for users to share rules !?