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Thermostat temperature and actuator random changes

Martin Flaska shared this problem 7 years ago

I have had Zipatile device for a few days and found many issues which preclude me from any further reliable use. Maybe I should split into several tickets, but some of them are related to others.

(Zipatile ZTA63686CBC6E72246, running the latest available FW 1.1.39)

  • Configured internal thermostat with Z-Wave actuator. Thermostat was set to heating only and permanent hold temperature. When I was playing with the slider in either android app, controller or web it intermittently returned the slider back or at 5.0 Celsius (I did not have set 5.0 at any place - week program or so). This sound similarly to already reported Devices shift on/off by themselves. I noticed these phantom changes even if I did not touch the controller or web interface.
  • The same thermostat configuration but when I set temperature e.g. 1 Celsius above the current temp, the actuator was set to 'On'. Then I increased the slider by 0.1 and actuator was set to 'Off'. Increased by 0.1 again and the result is - actuator set to 'On', etc...
  • The same thermostat configuration (internal thermostat with Z-Wave actuator). When I cut power to Z-Wave actuator (for the boiler) the controller did not set its state back after the actuator comes back online. So when the actuator was 'On' (current temp was bellow configured) the actuator after its power cycle is newer not set back on. This is IMO a quite serious issue which prevents from normal use. Should I set some special rule for this? I think no, this should work by default.
  • Internal camera: when I was trying to remove all snapshots in android app it never removed all items at once. Only 2 or 3 then returned some error. Was this ever properly tested before releasing this app/fw update?
  • Controller / Android-iOS app/ could web interface synchronization is really pour. I don't understand to the need of "Synchronize" button. I think this sync should be done when a user hit "save" button (for most cases). Also I noticed that it takes sometimes minutes to get in sync (all app/controller/web).
  • I would love this device works also cloud less. I do not want to feel myself uncomfortable there is possibility that other person / hacker can control my house.
  • Adding Zipato Mini Keypad RFID - I was not able to configure any rule using this keypad because of always empty context menu when choosing attribute/action events. I wanted to connect home/away events with the internal thermostat - I followed step by step Home/Away (Mini Keypad RFiD) activated light via Zipato Controller.
  • After Zipatile factory reset I was not able to finish initial setup - when entering a location it permanently returned "Failed" whatever location I entered, so I could not advance to normal controller use. In the web interface I noticed that location was set (many locations set). I tried to reset to factory default multiple times then, but still the same. I had to return this device as it was unusable :(.
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