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This community forum is pretty unusable

SaintNick shared this problem 6 years ago

I don't know about everyone else, but I find this community forum (in Chrome) quite unusable and annoying:

- keep me logged in 14 days does not work

- lose your posting or reply text if you need to login first after submitting

- sorting selection (e.g. "Updated") is not kept when click on a post and then browser back

- search does not work. It is a fake selective, censored search. Use Google " YourSearchTerm" instead :-)

It looks very pretty though.

Anyone else have opinions?

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I have an open support case regarding this. Since i have mailed the developer behind this that came back with solutions and proposals. I hope zipato will fix it soon.


We are aware of those issues and waiting for the supplier to release a new version with those fixes. Within a first half of this year, all the issues should be finished.


It would be great if the upgraded version of the forum could support tapatalk app.