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Transfer all my devices from Zipabox to Zipatile

Daniel Larsson shared this question 7 years ago
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Is there or will i be any easy way to transfer all my devices from my existing Zipabox to my new Zipatile? I really not want to pair my devices one by one to my Zipatile...

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Is it possible to use both the Zipabox and Zipatile together?


The short answer is "Yes, but it depends..."

Assuming that you have all your devices connected to the Zipabox at the moment, and that you have (or plan to purchase a Zipatile).

You can keep all your devices connected to the Zipabox and configure the Zipatile to act as a GUI controlling the Zipabox and its units.

  • The Pro is that you can still use your current configuration and 443MHz, backup modules etc with the Zipabox.
  • The Con is that you miss out on many of the features of the Zipatile, making it more or less a dumb tablet.

You can also add devices to the Zipatile and keep devices at the Zipabox. This means you'll have two networks and you will need to choose "the other controller" each time you want to do something there. You will also not be able to use cross-controller rules etc.

And then we have the new cluster function (zipato - check my details here please as I write it as I have understood it).

The new cluster function creates a new "virtual zipa<something>" and adds all devices to that one so you have one controller that shows all your available devices. As I understand it IP is used to enable this feature so you will have two separate z-wave networks and therefore miss out on mesh network features etc. On the other hand you don't have to "choose one primary controller" for your devices.

The cluster function has been long debated and I think it might have been re-released a day or so ago in the latest Beta. However, it requires a over priced Pro license for each controller, setting you back another 200€ and no, the cluster license cannot be bought separatly.

Hope this helps.

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