Trying to get foscam FI9816P to work with Zipato

Robert van den Breemen shared this question 15 months ago

I have tried getting the foscam FI9816P to work, so far no luck.

Is there an instruction video / page where I can find more information on how to setup the foscam firmware with the ftp snapshot server?

Any help is welcome...

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you need to setup the foscam camera to "working state", which means activate the camera (if needed) and make it able to stream content via RTSP.

If you are able to open RTSP link from the camera on example VLC or whatever other app then you are able to use it on Zipato.

After that go to the Zipato UI or mobile app and add the camera using the manual scan:


After you add the camera enter the username + password + RTSP URL that works for you (and snapshot eventually) usually its rtsp://cameraIP/path

After that it should work in your mobile phone app and or webUI (on my.zipato web works only, on my3.zipato it works only via our NEW app).