TWY-756-21088 No reponse from team support since 31/07/2014

Henri BLANC (13-Fr.) shared this problem 6 years ago

Support team detect a failure in my box.

Support send me a new box for replacement

I said i've received the box and wait instruction for backup old to new

No réponse ... mail are include on ticket

New ticket are added at the initial

But no info

Wat appen ??? .....

if a zipabox team support read this, could you give some infos

See attach filed


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It is still strange that Milan Gulis is behind this exchange of box does not respond to the ticket and not at this call in this forum.

There are two hours he answered a question "How to run a scene with mini keypad"

So I must be excluded


Zipato doesn't read all the topics and i think this one got lost.

Can you please contact them again through or

If they don't reply please post here again...i will try to contact them for you.



Thank you for giving me your opinion.

Yesterday after noon I emailed and

I expect an answer


Nobody answers

At first I thought it was a serious and effective support, now more than a month it is clear that this is a disaster. I will of course accept that asks me to wait, but at least it prevents me.

So I do not expect anything of the support, and I transferred my modules and rules manually on the new box.

The next incident I fired a mass on the box and I run into another solution.

Thank you for your attention


I had a response :

The backup is not possible

I should be warned but this was not done ...

No comments: see my previous message

this post can be closed thank you HeroS


Ok, to bad they can't help you.