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Unable to add a Fibaro Door Sensor (FGK101)

Kristoffer Peterhänsel shared this problem 9 years ago

So I got myself a Zipabox to possibly replace my Fibaro HC2 that is currently not working.

I got my Danfoss termostats, a Fibaro RGBW controller and a new Philio Multisensor working. But so far every attempt to add the Fibaro Door Sensor has failed.

Just getting the thing noticed by the Zipabox fails most times. But when it does see it, it will usually quickly time out unless I keep pressing buttons on the Door Sensor. If I do that it will eventually time out with the message "Times out in State: MANUFACTURER" (as can be seen on attached image).

Any hints as to how to get this working?

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This devices is a pain in the ass to added. Please throw it away :) Just kidding.

You need to place it real close to the zipabox and make sure that the tamper button is pushed down (on) and that the sensor is in the close position.

And do a reset first ...then add.

Also keep on trying!

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