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Update email message template

Thijs Schreijer shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Frankly the current email message (from the "Send message" action) is a bit silly (even more so from a multi-language perspective).


Hi <UserFirstName>,

Read very carefully, this could be an important message.

Your Zipabox with serial number <SerialNumber> reported:




To improve;

  • The mention that this might be an important message should be replaced by an email priority setting (Low, Normal, High)
  • Drop the entire template
  • Allow for pre-defined variables, like;
  • $BoxSerial$
  • $BoxName$ (<- makes more sense than the above serial only)
  • $UserFirstName$
  • $UserLastName$
  • etc...

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In my opinion this should be a basic feature, not a "100 Euro per year" pro feature. Its quite helpful to view variables during trouble shooting and once the system is up and running many people won´t need variables in their messages. The reason I think this should be a basic feature is, that its possible to have the same effect by just using a couple of IF-THEN Blocks (a maximum of 16 for 4 sensors, 32 for 5.....inconvenient but manageable) So it´s possible to have this feature for free but annoys all others. I fully understand the fee for cameras and webspace but this really should be a free, basic feature. Otherwise I´m fully content with the Zipatobox! Excactly what I was looking for.

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