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Use Twitter for providing server status

Hako74 shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

Use your Twitter account for providing information about the server status. This morning was unavailable for the second time within a week, without any status info from Zipato. I know it can happen with a new product, but inform your clients so they don't start guessing in the forums. That's bad for your reputation.

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Altought twitter might be an option I prefer something like or plain old email :-)


Yes, only two week with my zipato and not really happy . . . too much unavailable service without information. . .

Maybe zipato have put their box in market place to fast . . .

I imaging you have lots of work to make the box beter as possible with lots of direction. This box really have her place in the market but you must be more transparent with customers . . .

There is not enough information about roadmap, service health status.

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