Use Zipataile as music server Also

Pardik Smart Home shared this question 2 years ago
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is there any idea how we can use ZT as Music server???

we tried Kodi and control it via HTTP commands, but the problem is the codes we have found is limited to PLAY,Pause,Vol and we cant create playlist and shift between music on ZT.

the KODI should run manually first and we play one music manually after that , now we can play,pause , stop this specific music only.

it is my pleasure to know better solutions.



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Not a good idea to use the Zipatile as a music server, better to use a NAS or similar. leave the zipatile to your automation as much as possible. If you really want to go down this route, install something like bubble UnuP server on it.

Not really sure what you are trying to achieve though?


Using Zipataile as a music server is something I haven't thought of yet. Thanks for sharing.



It's perfectly legal, though if you are planning to abuse the system (e.g. listen on repeat overnight) then I would not recommend doing so as the song will more than likely be flagged up by Spotify and possibly taken down. Streaming your own music the same amount as streaming anybody else's is fine.

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