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Using ZipaBox for larger buildings

Jonas korani shared this question 7 years ago
Need Answer


I have a

few question for you guys and I would be grateful if you could answer me as

good as you can on those.

We are a

small company in Norway working with Alarm and access systems. We are now

thinking of trying out something new instead of all the wiring we have from

previews. I then thought about Z-wave products, I have read a lot of positive

things about that protocol and want to try it out in a larger scale.

After a lot

of researching I came across ZipaBox which I liked a lot, specially all the

supported things it can do, like all the variety of IP supported cameras, rule

creator and so one.

There are

few questions I have in mind tho before I can go further with the process.



are your opinion on using ZipaBox in bigger companies like in hotels, and

nursing homes?

Will Z-wave be practical or is it only meant to

be used in private homes and small offices.



already use a lot of RS485 protocoll in our systems, I saw that we can use

special modules with ZipaBox to be able to connect them together. What is the

maximum limit of modules we can use?

I have a

few question regarding Z-wave in general that I also would love for you to answer

me on if you don’t mind.



Z-wave hubs including you’re ZipaBox have support for 4 jumps through repeaters

before it has to access the Hub/Controller. That is about 200 meter in open

areas. How can I extend the range further? Say I’m working in a building 5-10

times that area, or even larger than that.

I saw that I’m not able to connect any hubs to each other, they will eventually

not work together but work separately. Is it possible to link them together through

Ethernet cable instead of Z-wave wire protocol, in that case the detectors need

Ethernet support as well??

The best thing would be so to connect few z-wave products into a hub for

every few hundred meters, and connect all these hubs together through a router later


If not can

you point me out to a direction where I can find the answer I’m looking for

I really appreciate

the help guys, Thank you so much.

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Hi Jonas,

I think your enquiries are large enough that you can call/address Zipato direct. They will surely be able to provide you support.


I tried that serval times, but getting error mail saying i have to be costumer for them to be able to help me unfortunetly :S


Well, then you have a 1St step. Register as reseller. You would anyway need to test the box before you can consider using it or not.


I'll have to do so but i got one important question before i do.

Is it possible to link together multiple hubs via a bridge and controll all the hubs with one mobile application.

I know that i can not link them directly to each other, but i can bridge dem to the same network. I also dont need both hubs to do same task, but dont want to relog everytime i want to controll something in different rooms. So if it is possible to have multiple Hubs in the same account without having to relog between them everytime


Hi, yes. Once you logged in you can select which controller you want to see. Same for mobile and Web view.

To link them together is another function when you would use multiple controller in one house and create a cluster (1 virtual controller). This feature will be paid and should be available shortly.


Is the cluster functionality available now?



Check this out it might be helpful to clarify some Z-Wave questions. For a large building the only archritecture I would dare to try is a cluster with multiple zipaboxes / zipatiles, bare in mind that upgrading every controller to PRO costs 100 euro and it is still a beta functionality. Also I wouldn't trust any Z-wave controller to life and death situation.


When you refer to RS485 and a special module, do you mean the serial module add-on for the Zipabox? If so, make sure it does what you think it does - I got caught out. It seems to have very limited and specific applications - or at least that was the case last year. I don't know if anything has changed.

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