Why don't users show up as contacts?

Thijs Schreijer shared this question 9 years ago

I added family members as users, but can't select them in messages (in the rules message action).

Am I missing something, or do I have to enter all users as contacts as well?


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Users and Contacts are two different things.

Users are added as people who have certain rights to use your system.

Contacts are people that the monitoring system will contact in the event of an alert. Those people don't have the right to use your system. So for each service that has a section "Contacs" you can select contacts that you have previously add to your Contact list. You should therefore keep your list up to date (Phone, Email etc.)




I understand, but the users are related to the system, whilst the contacts seem related to my account. Which is awkward because;

  • I'm setting up some rules on someone elses system, but can only select my contacts. I can't even select him, as owner of the box. Now when I add him to my contacts list, I see his details popping up when working on my own system as well.
  • Basically the system has a rule to contact someone. So the contacts should be system specific as well.
  • Generaly speaking most users will also be contacts (not the other way around). Every home will have multiple users and only 1 or 2 external contacts. So the distinction you're making is quite artificial and not practical.

Suggestion; automatically add all users to the contacts list as well, at least in all message and notification areas.

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