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"Works With Nest API" shutting-off, and still no news from Zipato on Google Assistant integration

Darío Guillermo CUGAT shared this problem 4 years ago

Today I found on the news that one of the actions related to Google's integration with its subsidiary Nest, is that on August 31th 2019 they will shut-off such API, and from that date, the only way to operate Nest products will be with their own apps and services (confirmation can be read here


Zipato promised many months ago that "soon" will be available Google Home integration, in similar terms as Alexa's integration is been working from long time ago.

Starting on this September, each Zipato user who owns a Nest product, will lose its integration whith the domotic system, so it is mandatory for Zipato to finally enable the integration with Google Home and Google Assistant.

Please, mark "The same problem" on this topic if you are worried like me; maybe that way Sebastian or whoever in Zipato start working on this to release that integration ASAP.


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I would not recommend any Google or Nest products at this moment. If they decide on a whim to shut down Works With Nest, then they are no longer reliable in home automation. IFTTT is a major player in a lot of home automation systems, but even that will be killed off with this move.

Works with Google Assistant is a crappy copy-cat of Works with Nest.


I talked to Nest Support, and the assured that all of the integrations of Works with Nest, are going to be available with the upcoming Works with Assistant program. Of course, everyone will be depending from the developers to integrate the new API, but if they do what they should do, we shouldn't lose any functionality.

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