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ZIPATILE - Connect my Zipatile to and existing Paradox wired alarm

Pablo shared this question 2 years ago


I am planning to connect my Zipatile to an existing Paradox Who 192 wired alarm. Which do you think is the best option? I am wondering if direct wired connection is possible with an additional module similar to Zipabox. Does that exist? The other alternative I am planning is to do it through universal sensors (Fibaro like) and some actuators.

Thanks for your feedback!

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We are trying to do the same thing using the same exact approach. Since ZipaTILE does not have a serial port (ZipaBox does if you add the extension). From my understanding, we need a serial connection between Zipato system and Paradox to have full integration. But for basic arm and disarm functionalities I guess we could use sensors (to receive from Paradox) and actuators (to send to Paradox).

Hope if we could get some advise on that

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Update: I just saw your other post/topic


For Paradox integration with Zipatile, besides Paradox alarm, you nedd a PRT3 board (printer module). Important settings to the PRT3 are as follows:

-baud rate: 9600 bps-data bit: 8-parity: none-stop bit:1-flow control: none

When you aquire all that, you should be able to connect your Paradox to the Zipatile using USB port. If you wish to establish an IP communication between Zipatile and Paradox, besides all mentioned, additionaly you need a WIZNet (WIZ110SR) RS232-to-IP converter. The settings you need to enter to WIZNet using Configuration Tool application can be found here (as you already found out):

When you connecetd everything properly and loaded settings to above mentioned adapters, you can start integration with the Zipatile by selecting Paradox in "add new device" wizard in the WEB UI. You select Paradox or Paradox IP and the network is created. Then you can start discovery for partitions and zones by selecting Paradox again in "add new device" wizard and type of connection (Paradox or Paradox IP). When all that is done, you only need to enter the Paradox PIN (and IP address and IP port (usually 5000) of WIZNet adapter in case of IP connection) in the device configuration, under device settings in device manager in the WEB UI. You save and synchronize and you are done!



Thank you so much for the detailed post Željko

I really appreciate it!



DCrib, did you succeed? Did you finally use USB or network via WIZnet?