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Zipatile not showing camera feed

Kyle G shared this problem 5 years ago

Good evening,

I have two separate issues that I am looking for assistance with, and I am hoping the community can help!

First, after searching the IP Camera forms I came across this issue where the Zipatile will not display the camera feeds or take snapshots directly from the Zipatile. (see attachment to this post)

The solution looks to update the actionscamera apk within the Android software, the link provided in the above URL no longer is available, is there an updated camera apk available to resolve this issue directly with the Zipatile or is there a different solution?

Second issue I am experiencing is with seeing the camera streams on the website portal. These do not seem to be functioning correctly for me. I have confirmed that Flash is enabled with in the web browser for the site and I can successfully view the streams on both cameras I have through the Zipato iOS mobile app. Has anyone experienced the same issues and come across any solutions?

Thank you!

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Did you ever get this resolved? I see a Wyze cam as one of your cameras. Was that easy to link to the system? I am toying with the idea of buying one of their $40 units from amazon but was not sure if it would work with the zipatile.


Salut a tous, je rencontre aussi ce problème, j ose croire que vous allez m aider, je narrive pas a visualiser ma camera ip zipato sur la zipatile. le fux ne fonctionne pas, et pourtant c est bien et belle configurer, les parametre ftp affiche echec, erreur interne inconnue. veuillez m aider svp. je vous presente quelques images en annexe.

bien merci,

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