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Zipatile Powerbank

Christoph Krieger shared this question 7 years ago
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Could someone manage to run the Zipatile with a Powerbank? First I have tried it with a cheap one but it did not work. Then I bought a expensive one but it still does not work. Both Powerbanks Power off itself after Plug to the Zipatile. I wantet to use this to include some devices without the need of removing the devices and bring it to the Zipatile.

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The Zipatile has an inbuilt battery, why do you need an additional powerbank? It does not last long when including devices in a building and often needs to be reinstalled to power up again, but I can get about half dozen connections out of it. Also, it is easier to just leave the Zipatile in place and have a laptop to take with you, then include them via the web portal. This way too they devices discover their z-wave route rather than thinking they can communicate directly with the controller.



Most devices need to be very close to the controller in order to add correctly. Even though the zipatile battery does not last long, I think it should be possible to add a few devices using it's battery.

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