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Zipatile + Zipabox + 433Mhz module (SOMFY shutter)

Francois V shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


could someone explain me how to control my somfy roller shutter through my new Zipatile? How to use my scenes configured into my zipabox with my Zipatile?

cluster functionality ? upgrade to PRO ? on Zipabox or Zipatile or both?

thank you for your help.


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yes you need to upgrade both controllers with a pro licence, then create a cluster with one controller, take note of the cluster number, and add the second controller to this cluster.

This will be awesome though having the swipe function on the zipatile to operate the blinds. Will be doing this myself in a Somfy showroom in a few weeks. 1 finger swipe for one blind, 2 for 2 blinds and so on. left for all up right all down. So many options.


Hi Adrian, I'm about to buy about 15 shutters for a house renovation and wondering if I should get Somfy motors/actuators that would connect to Zipatile via Zipabox, which seems a bit messy, or rather e.g. use the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2, which would work directly with the Zipatile, I would guess? Thanks a lot, Rudy


You always need to go direct Zwave route if possible. Somfy is a workaround + more expensive + no real feedback if manual change...

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